Here are some of the questions we hear most often!


My kid has multiple allergies. What exactly is in Mama K's Play Clay?


While we can't tell you the exact recipe (a little thing called a trade secret), we can let you know the list of ingredients, to put your mind at ease.

We use all non-genetically modified ingredients including:

Tapioca flour, corn starch, sorghum flour, kosher salt, olive oil, water, potassium sorbate, essential oils. Colors include concentrates of beet, purple cabbage, turmeric and blue gardenia.

Happy allergy safe playing!


It's gluten-free, does that mean you can eat it?


No! Even though it's made of natural food-based materials it is still not a food.It won't hurt you, and it's okay if your little one simply HAS to taste it (we know how that goes). But, don't eat it or encourage other's to do so. It tastes pretty yucky, too.


Oops got some in the carpet. What do we do now?


Here's a recent email exchange. The advice worked!



I purchased some of your play clay....its lovely.....but that's not why I'm writing.
My daughter smashed it into the carpet do you have any helpful tips how to get it out of the carpet?
Of course I'm visiting my parents and she smashed it into their expensive rug.....uhg


Mama K:

Uh oh! I hate it when that happens...

Thanks for writing. It shouldn't be an issue, I don't think. The best way we have found is to pick out as much of the clay as you can with your fingers. Then use ice water and baking soda to clean the rest. Depending on what kind of carpet it is (I'm guessing wool) it should come up with not much trouble.

If you have the patience to wait until it dries it is much easier pick out. But really, you should be fine.


Just wanted to say thank you your tips helped and the play clay came right out of the carpet!

Thanks Again~

So there you have it! Easy Peasy.


Any other questions you'd like to see here? Please email us and we will grow the FAQ together.

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