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Playing with the organic play clay

Whether you're looking for that perfect gift for the little ones, or you want a natural way to relieve tension at the office, Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay, a 100-percent natural clay gluten-free clay with subtle aromatherapy scents, is a welcome solution. Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay combines aromatherapy with activity to soothe the mind. Subtle, all-natural scents include soothing lavender, relaxing chamomile, and tension easing bergamot. Produced in small batches in Seattle, Washington, Mama K's is kid-safe: ingredients include gluten free flours, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable colorants, and organic essential oils.

Soothing the Creative Beast from Seattle to Paris

Mama-K's Play Clay

When Seattle's Bumbershoot music festival wanted a fun, safe activity for use in the kids pavilion, they turned to Mama K's. Seattle Magazine chose Mama K’s as a. Best of Seattle 2010 product. Canada's Vitamin Daily describes Mama K's as “a new twist” on play therapy, and the Canadian blog Kindervibe boasts “the art of making modeling clay (or play-doh as many of us call it) has definitely reached a new level.” Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including the PTPA (parent tested parent approved) media award, the Creative Child Magazine 2011 Product of the Year award, and the Dr. Toy Best Green Toy of 2011 seal of approval among others. The Play Clay can now be found in stores throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

Created by a Mother for Her Own Child

seriouslove.jpgKari Erickson-Valenzuela, aka Mama K, created her unique scented play clay for use with her own active three-year-old, Olimpia. Avoiding the artificial ingredients and cloying fruit and soda scents seen frequently marketed to children, she came up with a product that inspires focus and creates a calming atmosphere, all while encouraging creativity. A former audio engineer turned mother, she became an “accidental entrepreneur’” in 2009 when she began offering her hand-made Aromatic Play Clay to stores in the Seattle area and online through her storefront. Kari was the recipient of a prestigious 2010 Women Owned Business grant from Eileen Fisher.

Available in Seven Therapeutic Scents

Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay is available in a set of seven therapeutic scents, including: All 7 play clay scents

to soothe.
Bergamot to ease the mind.
Lemongrass to inspire creativity.
Geranium to balance the mood.
Sweet Orange to uplift.
Chamomile to relax
Cardamom to refresh